"A better shave, for women, by women"

  • "Calling the Oui Shave razor “good” would be hugely understating things..."
    — Harper's Bazaar

  • "The razor glides effortless over my skin and I feel nothing- the hair is gone in an instant. My legs are silky smooth and there is no razor burn."
    — Megan McIntyre, Refinery 29

  • "I have been LOVING my Oui Shave products! Your Samantha razor and Neroli shave oil are insanely amazing. As someone who has super sensitive skin, it has been such a relief to find a razor that does not cause a single bit of irritation. Seriously a miracle. I’ve even noticed the hair grows back softer."
    — Shannon R.

  • "Oui’s luxe combo of Neroli shave oil and and gold plated razor makes shaving something to look forward to in the morning (And yes, I can’t believe I’m saying that either...it’s just that good)."
    — Beauty Bets