A Smoothie for Every Body

Smoothies are having their moment, and rightfully so. Containing more fiber than their juicing cousins, they're satisfying, filling, and don't require hard to clean machines. The downside? They're easy to become an experiment gone terribly wrong. We've all churned up a suspiciously brown goop at one point or another. The key is to keep it simple. Seriously. No moon dust. No unpronounceable supplements. No unicorn tears. Just good, whole foods.
I've been making a version of this kale smoothie for years and Well Plated just happens to have the perfect recipe! I prefer lacinato kale, raw almond butter, and skip the honey since a ripe banana and pineapple are sweet enough. Besides being delicious, what I love about this smoothie is starting my morning with a dose of one of the world's greatest super-foods. Kale is loaded with vitamins (K, A & C), minerals (manganese, copper), and frankly...it keeps things moving. Uh, yes. Kale plays a major role in detoxing the body. 
This recipe is a real winner, and Oui found this great chart detailing the perfect smoothie ingredients! Keep it simple, and delicious.