5 Tips That Will Change the Way You Shave Forever

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When it comes to shaving, our experience as women goes something like this: pick a razor, apply foam, shave, feel the burn. We swear this is the last time, next time we're waxing! Then beach weather rolls around, our bikini line goes from fine to fuzzy, and guess who's not waiting six weeks to wax. It's a vicious cycle. 
It's about time we had the right tools for a better shave, and the know how to give our bikini lines the treatment they deserve. We're dishing 5 tips that will change the way you shave forever.
  • We've all succumbed to the 5+ blades hype in our pursuit of smoother skin. Razors with multiple blades lift the hair with the first, and cut with the second, while the remainder rake over our skin and cut the hair below skin level. While this may immediately feel like a smooth shave, the end result is razor burn and ingrown hairs. If you're experiencing razor burn, try a single or double blade razor.
  • We've been conditioned to press the razor into our skin in order to get the closest shave. Don't. Pressure contributes to the irritation we experience after shaving. Once you feel as though the razor is tugging at your hairs, rather than cutting them quickly and sharply, it's time to change the blade. Everyone's hair is different (fine, coarse, thick), so this will vary for each individual.
  • Ingrown hairs occur when the hair is cut below the surface of the skin. As the hair grows back it can either curl into the skin (especially true for curly haired beauties), or become trapped under the epidermis by our sebum and dead skin cells. Exfoliating regularly, whether with a washcloth, scrub, or dry brush, helps our skin along as it regenerates, and lifts trapped hair. Bonus: exfoliating before every shave lifts the hairs up from the skin, and allows the razor to reach the root of the hair. Our favorite method of exfoliating is dry brushing. 
  • Try a shave oil or moisturizing shave lotion instead of a foaming gel. There should always be a hydrating barrier between your skin and the blade to cushion the contact when the razor meets your skin. Moisture is key to keeping skin healthy during and after shaving
  • Avoid tight underwear right after shaving, especially if prone to ingrown hairs. Skin is its healthiest when it's allowed to breathe. The elastic in tight underwear presses into the skin, giving way to bothersome ingrown hairs. Try wearing loose boy shorts or soft 100% cotton underwear.
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