How to Prevent Razor Burn (Because It's the Worst)

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Razor burn is the worst, right? You go through the process of shaving with the intention of glossy, silky legs and instead you end up with painful red bumps. Not what you want to reveal in that cute sundress, right?

Right. The good news: You can totally prevent razor burn. And, because we think knowledge is power, we're sharing 5 easy tips to help you skip the burn.

How to Prevent Razor Burn in 5 Easy Steps

Because razor burn is usually caused by shaving improperly (yep, there's a best-practice when it comes to shaving—check out our five tips), it's super important to prep your skin for when you slide that razor over your curves.

  1. Start with clean, exfoliated skin. We're harping on exfoliation—again. But seriously. It's super important because it helps lift hair off of your skin before you go at it with your razor. And that prevents both razor burn AND ingrown hairs. Yeah, we said it was important.
  2. Use a clean, sharp razor. How often you have to change your razor blade depends on how thick your hair is. BUT, you don't want to be using a dull blade to shave. It's like "razor burn, party of 1" immediately. So, make sure your razor is sharp AND clean (rinse it with hot water before and after use) to help prevent razor burn.
  3. Let hair soften up first. Shaving in the shower or bath is preferable to prevent razor burn. Why? Hot water helps soften hair, and makes it easier to remove. Plan your shave for the end of your shower or bath and you'll decrease your chances of feeling the burn.
  4. Use a shaving oil. We're not just saying this because we're clearly partial to shave oils (especially this one and this one). Using just water, or even soap and water, can cause a drag on your little hairs and your delicate skin. And that leads to—say it with us—razor burn. Shaving oil creates a smoother surface for your blade to glide over, and protects your skin. Plus, it leaves skin moisturized.
  5. Shave WITH the grain. You've probably heard contradicting ideas about this your whole shaving life. And it might seem intuitive to shave against your hair's grain in order to get your closest shave. But it also causes irritation and can lead to razor burn. So, shave with the grain. While you're at it, don't go over any area more than twice (especially your bikini line), lightly, lest you aggravate your delicate skin.

See? Totally preventable, that annoying razor burn. Try it, and tell us how it works for you!


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