How To Save Your Bikini Line In Time For Summer

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How to Fix Your Bikini Line

If you're like us, an irritation-free shave was always the stuff of fairy tales, especially in the bikini area. One shave and we were playing connect the dots just a couple days later. That is until we discovered that the secret was not in the 5 blade weedwhackers, but rather a single, sharp blade. What a difference! Multiple blade razors actually lead to irritation by pulling the hair with the first blade or two, then cutting it below the skin. A single blade razor cuts the hair at skin level and still results in a superb shave. But whatever your personal blade choice, tip #1 is:

  • Use a new blade, especially around the bikini line!
  • Shave at the end of your shower or bath so your hair and skin are softened. 
  • Exfoliate with a dry brush, a scrubbing mitt, or a body scrub. Exfoliating lifts the hair from the skin and allows the razor to cut close to the root for a close, smooth shave. 
  • Lubricate the skin with shaving oil or a rich, gentle cream. It's important to create a barrier between the skin and the razor!
  • Hair around the bikini line grows in multiple directions. If your skin is very sensitive, shave in just one direction. A great trick is to pull the skin taut so more of the hair is available for the razor to cut. 
  • Moisturize your skin right after shaving, paying close attention to the sensitive bikini line. 
  • Avoid tight clothing and underwear. There's nothing like a close shave that makes you want to go prancing around in your underwear, but make sure they're not too tight! The rubbing action of elastic against your freshly shaved skin can cause irritation.
  • Yep, it's worth repeating! Throw away that old razor blade! While it's tempting to get the very last shave from your razor blade, it's wreaking havoc on your skin. Old...or worse rusty, razor blades cause irritation and can result in inflamed ingrown hairs. Toss your blades after a couple uses, especially if you've shaved all over. The difference will mean better, healthier, smooth skin. 
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