Summer Skin In 3 Easy Steps

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Summer is the time we find ourselves wanting to do the absolute least. Rightfully so. While summer is definitely time to lighten up your skin care routine, it's not time to forget about it altogether. Keeping your skin in prime shape is similar to maintaining your workout schedule. Find what works, apply, repeat, win. Our tried & true summer skin care routine has ONE product Oui cannot live without. Toner. It's like the trainer you didn't think you needed, but then you found the one, and now you can't stop staring at your abs.

With clean hands, wash your face with lukewarm water, and apply cleanser in small, circular, upward motions starting from the neck. Splash and pat dry. 

My aesthetician developed my love of toner. There was something about the sweeping upward motions she used to apply it, followed by the fresh tingly feeling, that just sold me. The main functions of toner are to close pores, remove traces of dirt & oil, and balance PH levels. A good toner will also deposit actives needed by your skin. This is where you want to look for benefits based on your skin's needs. Dull? Look for a clarifying toner. Dark spots? Brightening. Dry? Hydrating. 

Serum is your year round BFF. In the summer, I use a serum on its own in the warmest months. Since they don't contain airtight emollients and thickeners found in creams, serums are light and fast absorbing. Leaving out thickeners means they can be filled with the active ingredients your skin needs. Match the purpose of your toner and your serum to double the effects. Brightening, clarifying, hydrating. How do you know if you need a moisturizer? If your skin is dry, apply a moisturizer. If it's oily, skip the extra moisture. If it's combination, apply moisturizer only where you need it. 
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