Summer Skin Starts In Winter

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"Summer skin starts in winter" she said, as I examined her face for any signs of age in the 30+ years I've known her. My cousin was right. Her skin was flawless, always had been, and it wasn't merely luck- though my aunts barely lined skin was evidence that at least some of it was genetic. Her unblemished skin was a near fanatic devotion to a routine she'd embraced since her teens. Wash, exfoliate, tone, moisturize- and though she loved makeup, none remained on her face past its time. She had her own theory about turning into a pumpkin past midnight- and it had everything to do with clogged pores. She had made skincare a ritual, and her adult skin thanked her by looking suspiciously close to that of her teenage years. 
Granted, keeping it together from the neck down isn't as complicated, but winter certainly has a way of bringing about our laziest skincare habits. If you live anywhere with a real winter season, we both know you only see your skin about once a day under all those layers. With her mantra in my head, I began a simple routine for my best winter skin: wash, exfoliate, and moisturize. Our body serum in particular has left my skin in its best condition in years. Just as I was about to settle into a long NYC winter and the resulting scaly skin, I had to thank my cousin for the humblebrag. It has been a wakeup call to my my best skin, and come May I won't be scrambling to exfoliate like a madwoman. 

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