The 3 Types of Exercise We Need to Achieve A Forever Body

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3 types of Exercise for Your Forever Body
It's January. The world is diving into "do better" slogans, inspirational posts, and recipes that inspire you to find your best body. While we've got no problem with better, it can be hard to sustain every single aspect of bettering ourselves all at once. While some things are collective- most people we know could use more sleep, and we can all do with less stress- better is truly relative. No workout, diet, or beauty regimen works for all of us.
As we brushed the last of the holiday cookie crumbs off our sweater, and scrolled quickly past the "do better" messaging, it occurred to us. What would it look like to explore our personal best all year long? What are the foundations that we could build so our personal best could be achievable and sustainable? Behold the Forever Body. Not the January Guilt Body. Not the Summer Beach Body. The body that is healthy and makes you feel great in it. These are the 3 type of exercise you need to achieve your own Forever Body. 
Cardio is usually the subject of any conversation about weight loss, but it's only one benefit of this type of exercise. Cardio is any type of exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs. Try running, tennis, kick-boxing, swimming, spinning, or hiking for a challenging cardio workout. 
Flexibility is the ability of your joints and muscles to execute their full range of motion and impacts daily activity- think bending and walking. Flexibility decreases the resistance in muscle tissue and increases the blood flow and nutrients to the muscles. In short, stretch after your regular workout, but throw in a yoga class or two per week for your long, lean, baddest self. 
Strength Training aka the workouts that cause real tears to run down your face, is truly a love/hate workout relationship. Love the Michelle Obama arms, hate the pain. Strength training improves your balance, strengthens your bones, prevents/reverses bone and muscle loss, and helps with weight loss and maintenance. We can't promise you'll ever love push-ups but you should definitely do them, and add some goblet squats, dumbbell rows, and lateral squats while you're at it!
Go forth and get your forever body, and by the way...your butt looks great! 

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