About Us

Like many of you, I started shaving with the first pink razor I saw. I chose a shaving cream that promised moisturized, silky skin and never looked back. I assumed my reaction to shaving- razor burn and irritated skin, was an anomaly. Maybe I'd better try another one. Maybe that strawberry scent just isn't for me. Except I found that most women experience irritation from shaving. It occurred to me that the products we were using daily, could be the cause of our irritation. 

I took a closer look at labels. Shaving creams are laden with hormone disruptors (Triethanolamine or TEA), foaming ingredients (sulfates), and skin irritants (Isopentane, butylated hydroxytoluene), as well as synthetic fragrances. I came upon the first razor that women began shaving with- the safety razor. A beautifully crafted, single blade razor that provided an effortless shave. In fact, the multi blade razors we've come to know do more harm than good by cutting our hairs below the skin's surface. Hello ingrowns.

At Oui Shave, we pair beautifully crafted safety razors, made by a centuries old German manufacturer, with rich shave oils, and all natural products created for women, by women. Our mission? To make shaving not only luxurious, but a safe skincare option. Our products are natural, plant derived, and free of synthetic fragrances. 

To top it off, your new razor lasts over ten years, and yes...you can use it everywhere you shave. If this is a new experience for you, don’t forget to watch the How-To videos! 


Founder, Oui Shave

P.S. Through our partnership with non-profit organization, Not For Sale, 1% of our annual profit goes toward their mission to end human trafficking around the world. Did you know that women and girls make up 98% of sexually exploited victims? Oui are so grateful for the opportunity to make a difference, hand in hand with you.