Giving Back

As women we know just how empowering it is to be a part of this global sisterhood. Whether friends, sisters, or sister-friends, we are most powerful together. That's why we've partnered with Not For Sale in their mission to end modern day slavery and human trafficking around the world. A portion of every sale goes toward the fight against human trafficking. 
A single child trafficked internationally can earn a trafficker as much as $30,000"
— Not For Sale

The economic, physical, and social vulnerability of most victims make them easy prey for traffickers, who lure them in with promises for a chance at a better life. Many come from the same country or cultural background as their victims, allowing them to easily exploit the vulnerabilities of their targets. Other traffickers employ violence to kidnap and maintain control over their victims. There is abundant money to be made, soaring demand, little risk, and low barrier of entry for the men and women who profit from human trafficking.

Worldwide, women and girls make up 98% of sexually exploited victims"

— Not For Sale

Victims of sex trafficking are forced to work in the commercial sex trade against their will. This industry preys on individuals in conditions of physical, economic, and psychological vulnerability. To keep them working, victims are threatened, lied to, and beaten by traffickers and pimps, who control their money. This practice exists within all sectors of the sex industry, including street prostitution, strip clubs, residential brothels, pornography stores, and massage parlors. 

Traffickers make roughly $21,800 per victim of commercial sexual exploitation"
— Not For Sale