We've Been Shaving Our Legs All Wrong

6 tips for your best shave

Most women, ourselves included, never actually learned how to shave. Our stories all sound alike; you find yourself in your teens, with a pink plastic razor, hacking away at your innocent legs. Bloodied and itchy, you've just entered the world of shaving, and just like that you already hate the process. For men, shaving was more of a ritual and a tradition that was passed down. This was always a mystery to us until we came across a visual history of women's hair removal ads that may explain why we were left to fend for ourselves when it came to shaving. It seems brands took out full page ads that shamed women for the very act of growing body hair. Way to sell a product fellas. 

The unfortunate, and long-lasting, side effect of that history means that women were rarely taught the art of shaving well, despite the fact that we shave more surface area and we definitely shave more sensitive areas than men. It's time we took matters into our own hands, literally. Let's demystify your best shave...just in time for Summer.

  • Prep your skin

A great shave has as much to do with prepping the skin as it does with the actual shave itself. Exfoliating is our secret to an amazing shave, and the benefits go well beyond just removing some dead skin cells before they eventually clog your razor. We've all heard by now that shaving is actually a form of exfoliation, but there's a bonus to exfoliating before you even hit the shower. A quick brush over the skin with an exfoliating cloth or jute brush not only reveals baby soft skin, it also lifts the hairs that are lying close to the skin. I.e. those pesky hairs that are about to become ingrowns in a day or two. By lifting the hairs away from the skin, the razor can then cut them at the base and in turn give you a closer, smoother shave. 

  • Shave at the end of a warm shower​​​​​​

While you may be in the "get it over with" spirit when it comes time to shave, a little patience will leave you with smooth, nick-free skin. A warm shower softens your skin and allows the hair to swell from the follicle, making it easier for the razor to cut. Scrub, shampoo, belt our your favorite tune and leave your shave til the end, it's worth the wait. 

  • Change your blades more often

We hear you. Razor blade refills are overpriced. One of many reasons we love shaving with our razors is the number of refill blades we get for way less! The cost of refill blades has caused many of us to strrrretch our blades to get the most life from them, but they're damaging to our skin! When a razor blade is dull, microscopic nicks and tears occur along the edge. We then shave with the dull blades and rather than gliding across our skin, the uneven edge causes nicks, redness, and irritation. A sharper blade leads to a better shave!

  • Toss the shaving foam

Shaving foam- full of air, gases, thickening agents, and emulsifiers do our skin no favors. Not only should they not be the thing we apply to our largest organ, they're pretty terrible at actually protecting our skin while shaving. A shaving oil or rich shaving cream properly lubricates the skin and hair and forms a barrier between our skin and the razor. 

  • Hydrate your skin after shaving

Keeping skin soft and hydrated is probably a part of your routine anyway, but who knew it could help to make shaving an easier process? Well, we did, but that's our job. Hydrated skin makes it more difficult for ingrown hairs to form by keeping the skin and follicles moisturized. After showering, apply lotion or your favorite body oil to still damp skin.

Now you're smooth, ingrown free, and you smell great. Winning all around!