Shave Tips & Tricks

Getting your best shave with a safety razor is easy, but may take some practice. The multi-blade razors we’re used to using pull & tug at the hair, breaking it off rather than cutting it smoothly. The first blade lifts the hair, the second cuts it, and the rest drags over your skin. Hence the ingrown hairs and irritation! With a safety razor, one high quality blade skims hair from the surface of the skin, at the level that the hair grows. It does take a little time and patience at first, but takes your shave from an irritating (literally) chore to a skincare ritual

No pressure needed
The most distinctive thing you’ll notice when you receive your safety razor is the weight. The head of the safety razor is weighted in order to apply all the pressure you need. Be sure to apply NO PRESSURE for the best, most gentle shave ever.

How to shave the underarms with a safety razor
Stretch skin taut by placing your arm high above or behind your head. Shave up & down, but also try an X pattern. Since out hair grows in multi-directions, this helps to catch every little bit.

How to shave the bikini area with a safety razor
Do you take it all off or just mow the side lawn? Either way we’ve got you covered. To shave the bikini area use one hand to pull skin taut. Shave in/out, up/down, or a combination. In order to get the closest shave the skin should be taut, and you’ll only have to go over the area once. If you’re shaving underneath, here’s the best trick: SQUAT. This automatically tightens the skin and exposes the entire area. Be sure to avoid the labia and use a light touch and short strokes. The best part of shaving this area with a safety razor is no itchy undercarriage when it grows back!

How to shave the legs with a safety razor
Make sure the razor is at the 30 degree angle so the blade gently grazes your skin. Take short strokes and keep your touch light...remember no pressure! Take your time around ankles and backs of knees. To get the knees, bend your leg to tighten the skin.

How often to change the blade of your safety razor

One major cause of getting a less than close shave, or an irritating shave, is dull blades. As soon as you notice the shave is not as close as you’d like, change the blade. Generally 1 blade can last a week for medium to coarse hair, if your hair is fine a blade can last two weeks.

Bonus tips:

How to clean your safety razor

Your new razor is beautiful but there’s no need to polish it after every shave. Unless that’s your thing. Simply loosen a little and run under a steady stream of water, the sink or a tub faucet is best for this. A little oil left on the blade actually prolongs its life by repelling water! If you have the Carrie, don’t pull the handle, simply turn 2-3 times to remove the head to fully clean. Wash with soap and water, and if there is oil build up a nail brush does the trick.

How to get your most moisturizing shave with a safety razor

Use a shave oil or thick shave lotion to keep an emollient layer between your skin and the blade. This not only moisturizes the skin and hair for a better shave, it also prevents irritation by allowing the razor to easily glide over your skin.