The Rose Gold Single-Blade Razor + Creme


Starts with Organic Aloe Juice, ends with Jasmine Absolut. If you prefer a shave creme that actually protects and soothes, we've got you covered. Paired with our single blade razor designed to give you the best shave, with the least irritation. Weighted and balanced to apply just the right amount of pressure, it removes hair from the surface of the skin rather than tugging and pulling as you shave. With less chance of hair getting trapped under the skin, you get a smooth shave and fewer ingrowns. Consider this a deliciously scented alternative to irritated, inflamed skin. We also happen to be award-winning...NBD. Pairs with these blades. 

Skin type: Normal to sensitive

Hair type: Thick, coarse, curly

Skin feels like: Soothed and hydrated with a light finish

Concerns: Ingrown hairs, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris


  • 1 Single Blade Razor
  • 1 Pack of 10 Blades
  • 6oz Shave Creme