The Rose Gold Single-Blade Razor + Bikini Sheet Mask

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Bundle & Save

Here's lookin' at you, hydration. We can't promise you less body hair (we're working on it), or less coarse hair, but we can deliver a smooth and super-moisturized bikini line. Why does that matter? Welp, dry skin is a bed for ingrown hairs for one thing. The single-blade razor is weighted and balanced to apply just the right amount of pressure, removing hair from the surface of the skin rather than tugging and pulling as you shave. With less chance of hair getting trapped under the skin, you get a smoother shave. Our bikini sheet mask relies on medical-grade biocellulose to attract and retain water, in addition to plant extracts and humectants that soothe, brighten, and restore the bikini line. And yes, we're fully aware that it's next level- we're 100% on board with it. 

Skin type: Normal to sensitive

Hair type: Thick, coarse, curly, fine

Skin feels like: Soothed and hydrated 

Concerns: Ingrown hairs, razor burn. 


  • 1 Single Blade Razor
  • 1 Pack of 10 Blades
  • 5 Pack Bikini Sheet Mask